The Eye on Artist #1 - Miguel Matos

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English interview with Miguel...


Madonna Art Vision: How old are you?
M: 42 years

MAV: Where do you from?
M: "Mozambique, Africa. Portuguese passport, resident in Brazil for over 20 years."

MAV: What are you doing in life?
M: "I have a small studio where I work visual arts and sculpture."

MAV: How do you make your pictures?
M: "I use acrylic paint, India ink, charcoal pencil, watercolor, and in recent years much use the computer. The work I present the originals have me "collage, painting on card"."

MAV: What technical are you using?
M: "My background in visual arts allows me to use different techniques, nowadays, for ease of use the computer."

MAV: How long does it take you to create?
M: "A few minutes depending on the complexity of what cryo for cleaning a photo I do not linger longer than 10 minutes.""

MAV: What you have to say about their creations?
M: I am very pleased at what I do and process large amounts of information (references) to achieve each of my works."

MAV: Since when are you a Madonn's fan?
M: "The first time I heard a song from Madonna was in a nightclub in Portugal in 1983 and later that day I became a fan, arousing much attention to all the steps that she gives."

MAV: What inspires you to do your work?
M: "The dialogue, the power of an image to pass a sensation, a feeling. Translate into an image a mood."

MAV: What inspires you to Madonna Art?
M: "Freedom, struggle and victory."

MAV: His favorite  Madonna's song?
M: "Vogue""

MAV: Your favorite Madonna's album?
M: "Like Prayer"

MAV: Your favorite Madonna's Photoshoot?
M: "Currently really like the cover of his latest CD."

MAV: Have you seen the MDNA TOUR?
M: "Yes, the Internet saw the full show unofficial version, fabulous (exciting), and I saw the show edited the Olympia in Paris, both wonderful and exciting.
I had no chance to buy a ticket for the show in Brazil, but it is a big dream of mine to be able to watch a show live from Madonna."