Vanilla Ice and Madonna would wear disguises to go see movies

23 Octobre 2013, 07:59am

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Vanilla Ice talked about he was Madonna's boyfriend to a interview with George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC. 



He said... 

"She was a sweetheart. We had great times. You take away the fame and everything and you got two people who just basically had a normal relationship. And I wish I could tell you more about it and throw some fireworks in there or something but it was kinda cool. Like, we would go to movies. We had disguises. I had a moustache and a hat with hair coming down and she would go as an old lady. And we would walk in and the bodyguards would like 20 feet behind. you know, kinda lookin’ just like we were nobody. And just walk in and go and see our movie and just have a good, normal… We’d do dinner that way and nobody would ever recognize us. It was the greatest."


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