Three Madonnas Take Centre Stage at Madame Tussauds (London)

13 Décembre 2012, 19:51pm

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Le musée Madonna Tussaud de Londres vient de rececvoir la statue de cire de Madonna, inspirée du tableau Masculin/Féminin, du MDNA Tour. Elle a été réalisé par Dave Burks ! Elle est très réussi dans les détails et l'une des mieux confectionnées représentant Madonan à ce jour !


Étant présents trois anciens danseurs de Madonna, Bly Richards, Phoenix et B Boy-Souris. S'ajoute aussi à cette statue, deux autres, une représentant Madonna lors du Sticky and Sweet Tour et l'autre pour la période "Like A Virgin".  Les statues seront visibles par la suite au Musée Tussaud de Tokyo ! 


Le communiqué du Musée Tussaud....

No Christmas is complete without a brand new ‘gift’ and today we unwrapped not one, but three Madonnas.

Today we revealed a brand new wax figure inspired by the singer’s recent ‘MDNA’ tour, which will be joined – for THREE WEEKS only – by two more new figures of the legendary performer in ‘Sticky and Sweet’ style and ‘Like a Virgin’, before they take up residence at the new Madame Tussauds Tokyo in March 2013. 

The figures were launched by three dancers, Bly Richards, Phoenix and B-Boy Mouse who have all worked with Madonna. They performed a specially choreographed routine sampling three of the superstar’s tracks and were impressed by the likenesses. “Having danced with Madonna, these figures more than do her justice,” commented B-Boy. “It’s extraordinary how accurate the detail is, even up close.”

Famous for her ever changing style, the unique superstar’s new London wax incarnation is inspired by her latest ‘MDNA’ tour and shows her in a dramatic performance pose wearing a fitted pin-stripped trouser suit with a striking black metallic leather corset. 

The ‘MDNA’ figure is joined for a limited time only by two other stunning figures destined for the new Madame Tussauds Tokyo. The first portrays her at the outset of her meteoric rise to fame in her 1984 MTV ‘Like a Virgin’ grungy bridal outfit and the second shows her in the knee high black boots, black satin jacket, fingerless gloves and cane from her ‘Sticky and Sweet’ tour.

“This is a first time we have ever launched three different figures of one performer here at Madame Tussauds London, so it’s a very special event,” said PR Manager, Nicole Fenner. “We are very lucky to be able to bring together these three extremely striking portrayals of one of the most influential and iconic contemporary music artists of all time and we know fans are going to relish the opportunity to meet not one BUT three Madonnas. But our two Japanese bound figures will be with us only until Thursday January 3, so those who want to see her in triplicate should make plans to do so now!”