The New Vision of the Artist: Madonna by Patrice Roig

19 Octobre 2013, 17:04pm

Publié par MadonnaArtVision 


The New Vision of the Artist proposed to discover the latest creations of artist Madonna. For this thirteenth edition,  we have chosen the artistic publications by Patrice Roig. This french artist has created more Madonna's painting. 


Look ! It's amazing art...







309532_512810542085776_1513473968_n.jpg  femme_et_pouvoir_domine_le_monde_madonna_20120612_197551819.jpg


6624_512809885419175_949499733_n.jpg   385288_512810195419144_694256768_n.jpg


  16618_513866565313507_555097130_n.jpg  406030_513866248646872_1313713252_n.jpg