"The Making Of Madonna's Girl Gone Wild, MDNA Tour" - The Edge by DanceOn

12 Septembre 2013, 20:04pm

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Dance On broadcasts "The Edge, The Making of Madonna's Girl Gone Wild" ! It's a celebrity docu-series showcasing the world's biggest music artists and the dancers who live to work for them.


In the making of Madonna's hit, 'Girl Gone Wild', we head to the set to discuss the choreography in her music video! This exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews Madonna, and the 'Girl Gone Wild' choreographers and dancers! 



Supervising Choreographers...

Jason Young

Alison Faulk


"Girl Gone Wild" Choreographer/Dancer...

Derrell Bullock 


"Girl Gone Wild" Dancers...

Chaz Edwardz 

Habby hobgoblin Jacques 

Kupono Aweau