The Eye on the news (Madonna To Be Banned From Russia? Exclusive Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour Rehearsal Footage, News of Secret Project by Madonna and Steven Klein and MORE)

17 Avril 2013, 19:15pm

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News of Secret Project by Madonna and Steven Klein

Madonna at the Kabbalah Center, New-York (Pictures)

Madonna at the New York streets (Pictures)

New Madonna's Outtakes Fourteenth Part

Madonna Dumps Kabbalah From Managing Her Charity, ‘Raising Malawi’

Madonna's statement on Malawi: Madonna Remains Deeply Committed to the Children of Malawi Despite Government’s Accusations

Madonna on Instagram, new pictures


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Madonna could have worked with Daft Punk




Hard Candy co-producer Pharrell, talking to Rolling Stone about his collaboration with Daft Punk on their upcoming 'Random Access Memories' album, explains how he would have loved the dance duo to be involved with Madonna.


Pharell said...

"We were at a party for Madonna’s last album and I was like, You guys should have produced this! Why did that not happen? Madonna and the robots would have been unbelievable! They were like. We’re working on something. I said, Whatever you do, call me - I’ll play tambourine on it. They looked at each other and they were like, We’ll be in touch."


Madonna's MDNA sold 1,800,000 Million copies worldwide in 2012

The Annual Report 2012 by Vivendi, Universal Music Group parent company, officially confirms that Madonna sold 1,800,000 millions copies in 2012.

"MDNA" sold 1,800,000 million copies worldwide in 2012 and was the 7th biggest seller for Universal Music Group...


Exclusive Madonna's Blond Ambition Tour Rehearsal Footage


De nouvelles images nous parviennent des répétitions du Blond Ambition Tour de Madonna, avec le chorégraphe Vincent Patterson. Les extraits concernent "Oh Father" et la sulfureuse inteprétation de "Like a Virgin". Une interview de Joe Pytka, réalisateur du spot Madonna - Like a Prayer pour la marque Pespi est aussi présente. 





Madonna To Be Banned From Russia?



Madonna looks set to be banned from from Russia, all because she lent her support to the pop group Pussy Riot. The pop icon voiced her backing for the anti-Vladimir Putin protest group, and she has continually spoken in favor of gay rights too. Madonna actually performed in Moscow and St. Petersburg last year, but now various Russian officials have claimed that any visa she applies for would not be granted, and the one she currently possesses does not allow her to work for money in the country. An MP for the country claimed that Madonna was guilty of "illegal commercial activity." It was at the concerts in Russia where she said she backed the two Pussy Riot singers that were jailed after they protested President Putin. 

The Foreign Ministry for Russia states, "Invitations and visas for the purpose of cultural ties are issued to foreigners who come to Russia to develop cultural cooperation and to participate in non-commercial art exhibitions festivals and guest performances." A local MP, Vitaly Milonov now wants to check the legality of Madonna’s entry into the country, citing that she didn’t fit in with the above document. 

After hearing her support of Pussy Riot and gay rights last year, members of the St Petersburg public filed lawsuits against the singer and her concert organisers. However in November 2012 a court dismissed each of the nine suits which were for around $10.6 million.