The Eye on the news: (Madonna is 14th with "True Blue" Named at BBC Radio 2, Cyber-Raga MDNA Tour Backdrop Video, New Madonna's T-Shirt by Kiabi and Playground, and MORE)

9 Avril 2013, 19:58pm

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Madonna Art Vision proposes you an update on Madonna's news, once a week. Here is the news from 3 to 9 April 2013.


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Madonna to Malawi: Pictures of Madonna's Visits Chorwe, Mchinji and Blantyre

Madonna visits Mphandula Child Care Centre in Namitete (Pictures and Video): "I have not forgotten my commitment to the childrenof Malawi"


Madonna on Instagram, new pictures


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Cyber-Raga MDNA Tour Backdrop Video


Watch the "Cyber-Raga MDNA Tour Backdrop video"...




The letter from Madonna to Joyce Banda (Malawi's President) demonstrates continued support




During her voyage to Malawi, Madonna has written a letter to  Malawi's President, Joyce Bandaand Malawi's release said that there is always tension between Madonna and the government. 


Madonna's letter to Joyce Banda...

Dear Joyce,

"First and foremost let me congratulate you on your new position… in Malawi! What an honor and what a huge responsability! I have always admired your strength and courage and have very fond memories of when we met and spoke and we interviewed you for documentary [...] as you know I am in Malawi for the week. If you have any time in your very busy schedule to meet that would be great. If not just know I am here to be of service and continue to do what I can to suppport the children in Malawi! If there is a project y ou can think of that we can join efforts on let me know! I wish you the very Best!!!"



Best of luck to you! Warm regards and great respect.



Retranscription to The Malawi Democrat


Trevor Neilson, Madonna's philanthropy manager said... 

"Madonna has no problem with the President of this country. But Anjimile Oponyo, who is the sister to the President, is demanding money and matters are in court. Her contract was terminated as head of Madonna’s girls’ school project in Malawi. She is now using her position [as Principal Secretary] in the Education Ministry to create trouble for Madonna. She is using her office to avenge on her personal grudge with Madonna and pursue her personal financial interest. We are surprised that she is doing that. If the Education Ministry sees it as their job to create problems instead of creating a good relationship, it’s very surprising."


"Madonna can continue her work here [even] if the politicians don’t want to welcome her because her work is all about the children who are here. The politicians can stay. Even donors are also surprised that government is treating Madonna like this when she is the biggest private donor in the country."


In an interview on Saturdat, Kazembe said it is wrong for Madonna to accuse the ministry of not welcoming her in the country...

"We didn’t know that she was coming. There is absolutely no communication in the ministry telling us that she was coming and that she would be visiting some schools. The protocol is wrong; otherwise we have no problem with Madonna. Who are we to refuse when somebody says ‘I want to help you.’ We have so many problems in the education ministry where we need support. It would be madness to refuse to get support. Next time they should communicate to us."


On reports that Madonna requested to meet the President and whether the request had been granted, Neison said Madonna did not request to meet Banda...

"Madonna didn’t request to meet the President. We read in the media that Madonna had snubbed the President. After hearing about that, Madonna was shocked and felt very bad about it. She then wrote in her own handwriting to the President telling her how much she likes her and what she is doing. She told the President that should there be a need to meet, Madonna would be happy to meet her."



Madonna is 14th with "True Blue" Named at BBC Radio 2 of the best albums of all time


In a poll conducted by the BBC Radio station 2, 100,000 listeners have elected the third Madonna's album, "True Blue" (1986) at the fourteenth place of the best albums of all time.


This Madonna's album contains the great songs: "Live to Tell", "Papa Don't Preach", "True Blue", "Open Your Heart" and "La Isla Bonita" ! Discover the Top HERE


New Madonna T-Shirt by Playground

Playground (Italy) just put online a Madonna's Tshirt for his Spring/Summer Collection 2013 for €65,00 ! Get it HERE !



New Madonna T-Shirt by Kiaki


The Kiabi French brand sells a new tank top "Madonna" for women for €12.99! To order it HERE !