The Eye on Artist # 4 - Julio Skov Videos: "Madonna always change and is so gorgeous"

21 Avril 2013, 18:28pm

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Find out in "The Eye on an Artist" new issue, interview with Julio Skov Videos. This Brazilian Madonna's fan was discovered to his great talent to make videos about Madonna. The most famous of them, "Love Spent, Acoustic Version". 



Julio, you are one of the best creator/designer of Madonna’s videos. We especially know you for your video clip “Love Spent”. Tell me more about your artistic path. How has come your passion for the realization of Madonna’s videos?

Julio: My passion and interest about Madonna exists since I can´t remember. I grow up with her. As the years pass by, emerged remixed videos by official proffessional people and those known as fanmade. I began to watch and think that I could be one of those who can make a good job on her videos also. One day I decided to play was a video remixer, but I had no especific resource to work on in terms of edition. Then I decided to invest on a edition device to try my own work. I have changed my computers for 3 times and finnaly after an expensive investiment I did my very first video. She´s not me, and I hit the internet with it. And never stoped...


How do you proceed for realizing a video? Where do you find your ideas?


Julio: Good question...(laugh). I do lots of research before I begin a new work. I need to put all together in my mind at first. And I always try to tell a story on every video.And at the end, everything works.


Madonna is your principal artistic inspiration, do you have other ones?


Julio: Madonna is my inspiration and I admire her since the 90´s.But there are other artists I do like a lot. Michael Jackson was a huge artitst I have all my respect. His history is amazing and thrilling.


You are very appreciated from the fans, but do you know if Madonna or her team had had some echo about your creations?


Julio: I don´t know... They never send me messages to talk about it. I can affirm that when Madonna began MDNA Tour, I saw the Like a virgin performance and decided to create inspired on it the Love Spent video. And as soon as I could see, she included this song instead of Like a Virgin on her Europe season. I think it´s a great coincidence, don´t you agree?


Do you have some current secret projects?


Julio: All of my projects are secret... I love to surprise her other fans with my videos.


What is your best favorite artistic period of Madonna?


Julio: Cruel question (lauging). Next!


Your favorite album nd your three favorite photoshoots album, why?


Julio: All of her albuns show how she did grow up as an artist. But Like a Prayer and Bedtime Stories, Ray of Light and American Life and MDNA are albuns full of ideas that makes me think a lot. To choose one photoshoot is too hard. She always change and is so gorgeous... But I think that Ray Of Light is where she appears so wonderful, because she has just became a mother… 



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Madonna Love Spent (Acoustic Version)




Madonna Express Yourself, Truth or Dare Mix 




Madonna, Paradise (Not For Me) Later Dream Chorus Mix




Inside of My Sanctuary, Dens54 Does La Petite Suite




Madonna MDNA Flash Megamix




Madonna, Ray of Light Celebrative Megamix




Madonna, Girl Gone Wild Thiago Antony Remix           




Madonna, Vogue Dirty Pop Master Ultimix




Madonna, Masterpiece Skin Bruno Remix




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