The Eye on Artist # 3 - Purple Crush >> "Madonna is a woman with big balls and a massive heart" and exclusive "Sweat/Vogue Mashup"

30 Octobre 2012, 20:51pm

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"The Eye on Artist" vous sera proposé deux fois par mois pour découvrir les talents d'un artiste. Pour ce troisième numéro, découvrez le talent du duo Pop/Electro  américain "Purple Crush". Ils sont notamment connus pour avoir sorti plusieurs EP hommage à Madonna. Comme la reprise du titre "Lucky Star", "Physical Attraction" et "Live 2 Tell".



À travers une interview exclusive, le duo Purple Crush se livre sur leur carrière artistique et leur attrait pour la Queen of Pop. Et surtout, il nous donne le plaisir de partager un EP exclusif sur Madonna, "Sweat/Vogue Mashup"



Ils empreintent notamment l'image de Madonna des années 80's dans leurs vidéos. Notamment dans les videoclips et titres "Madonna WannaBe" et "NYC Bad Girl". 




Sweat/Vogue Mashup







In a few words can you talk about the way you did from the beggining of your adventure?

We met at artschool in Los Angeles where we studied music and dance, but moved to New York soon after, and it was in Brooklyn that we started Purple Crush. 


Who's behind the band?

We are a married couple, Isla and Jared.


Why did you choose to make a tribute to Madonna?

The long story is that Purple Crush has been influenced by her since the beginning yet we had never seen her live. A childhood friend bought a bunch of tickets for MDNA but we didn't have the money, so we did this Madonna project to raise the money for the tickets.

The 80's through the sound of Madonna inspire you? Why?

What's the difference for you between the music of the 80's and the actual sounds? There was a quality of song writing and music production in the 80s that has been lost in pop music.  We are always trying to reach that level of quality with our limited resources.


Why did you choose NYC BAD GIRL? And can you talk about Wannabe Madonna? 

"NYC Bad Girl" is a song we wrote about becoming a tough woman in the city. It is not about Madonna, but Madonna is definitely a NYC Bad Girl, and we shot the video with a hint of "Desperately Seeking Susan" in mind.  To be a MadonnaWannaBe is to embody the tough yet vulnerable characteristics of her art.

Can you talk about the direction and the inspiration for your videos? 

We make most of our videos ourselves, so there is always a DIY element to it. Our mode of operation is have an idea, and immediately act on it, don't question yourself, and see it to completion.

Do you know if madonna heard about your band? 

I don't know if she has, I think she stays pretty isolated. I wouldn't be surprised if Guy Oseary has. We were talking to Maverick Records back in the day, 2 months before they folded into Warner Bros.

Maybe another tribute for Madonna soon?

Actually, this project, which was an EP of cover and tribute songs and an MDNA afterparty was alot of work.  We have to finish our own album now!

What represents Madonna for you? 

A woman with big balls and a massive heart. :)

Madonna has a different image in Europe for us, How the young generation see her in USA?

That's a complicated question because of the whole Lady Gaga war.  Im not a fan of her for many reasons, but I do think that this pop war has caused alot of young kids to research Madonna because of the comparisons.  As a result there is a whole new generation studying her.

What's your other artistic inspirations?

Love, the human will, and taking down the system.

Can you talk about your next project ?

We are about to debut a single we did with a local LA Dj named Josh Peace. The song is called "Little Bitch" and also features 2 of the hottest drag stars in LA, Miss Barbie Q and Rudeness. Expect it to go viral!

Have you got something special, a preview sound or a song in tribute to Madonna. We'll put it on our website.

I attached a mashup we made of Vogue along with a song of ours we did a year and a half ago called "Sweat" off of our album "Welcome 2 the Underground".




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Purple Crush assurera des shows dans les lieux suivants...

Nov 13 - The Sweet Spot, NY, NY
Nov 12 - Vvynl, The Woods, BK, NY
Nov 8 - Rock Bar, NYC
Nov 7 - Cameo Gallery, Brooklyn NY