The Eye on the news: (MDNA Tour DVD will be released in August 2013, News of Secret Project, "Dick Tracy" Limited Edition Europe Blu-Ray and MORE)

5 Juin 2013, 18:07pm

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Madonna Art Vision proposes you an update on Madonna's news, once a week. Here is the news from  23 May to 06 June 2013.


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Madonna on Instagram - New pictures



The Madonna MDNA Tour to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in August 2013 


It's official...


The MDNA Tour has a tentative release date of August 26th worldwide and August 27th in the USA and Canada. It’s also confirmed that it will be released both on DVD and Blu-Ray!


Note that this a tentative release date and subject to change.


News of Secret Project by Madonna and Steven Klein - PART II, HERE


New MDNA Tour Teasers by Epix


Watch last two teasers MDNA Tour ! On EpixHD on 22 June 2013 ! More teasers, HERE





"Dick Tracy" Exclusive Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-Ray

"Dick Tracy" Limited Edition Steelbook will be released on Blu-Ray on Europe on September 23 2013. This edition will be limited to 4000 units worldwide ! To pre-order your copy on Zavvi Store UK nk



Billboard Magazine Congratulates Madonna on her “Top Touring Artist” Billboard Music Award


The latest issue of Billboard Magazine features a full, one-page ad congratulating Madonna on her latest “Top Touring Artist” Billboard Music award !



Pourquoi c'est culte ? Like a Virgin de Madonna 




Madonna in New-York City, 29 May - Pictures


Madonna was spotted an office building in New York, 29 May 2013. Look !


20130531-pictures-madonna-out-and-about-new-york-06.jpg 20130531-pictures-madonna-out-and-about-new-york-05.jpg


20130531-pictures-madonna-out-and-about-new-york-04.jpg 20130531-pictures-madonna-out-and-about-new-york-03.jpg 20130531-pictures-madonna-out-and-about-new-york-02.jpg


Martin Solveig mentioned Madonna to Billboard Interview


Billboard: What was it like to collaborate with Madonna and who else would you like to collaborate with?


MS: Well, of course it doesn’t get bigger than [Madonna] - in terms of collaborating with not only an artist, but a person with that stature and that vision and who has accomplished what she has accomplished in her life. But of course there are so many smaller profile people that I want to collaborate; younger artists and newer artists who have a very fresh approach to what they do. Kyle is a very good example of this: he’s 19-years-old,. He’s brought so much spontaneity in the way we work.