News of Secret Project by Madonna & Steven Klein

22 Août 2013, 15:49pm

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Madonna also hosted an intimate screening of "Secret Project" at the club for a select group of members, friends and fans. The 17 minute film about tolerance, freedom and love was created by Madonna and Steven Klein. 




According to fans who attented Rome's Hard Candy Fitness Club Opening, a preview of Madonna’s Secret Project has been presented last night.


Five lucky fans have been selected outside the venue to visit the gym with Madonna, and also had the privilege to see the preview of this long awaited project with her.


Madonna sat on the floor with her five fans to watch Secret Project on a big screen and was anxious to know if they would appreciate what they saw of this mini feature shot almost all in black and white by Steven Klein. She was then very pleased with their positive reaction.


Secret Project has a lenght of 20 Minutes and it is shot as a black and white documentary about all kind of denied freedoms. It’s the ultimate hymn to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.


At present time, if nothing changes, Secret Project is set to be released next month for everybody to see and enjoy.


To be confirmed...




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