Madonna by RE5CUE T-Shirt, Animal Conscious Fashion

9 Décembre 2013, 23:02pm

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RE5CUE, Animal Conscious Fashion proposed a new madonna T-Shirt ! The result is successful. We at Madonna Art Vision love it...


Strike a pose for our furry little friends in need with The Material Girl crewneck or tank top!


The_Material_Girl_2.jpg  material_g.jpg


Order HERE to $35,00 for MEN



Just an uptown girl living in a vogue world! Strike a pose in this super soft American Apparel printed fashionista tank!


The_Material_Girl_Tank.jpg  MTG_1.jpg


Order HERE  $35,00 for WOMEN




RE5CUE: A Kansas City, MO based brand that’s paving the way in Animal Conscious Fashion through our dedication to and love for animals in need.


Personally, our rescued pets have truly changed our lives. They are why were devoted to providing more for those living in unfair conditions with underfunded opportunities through our fashion forward designs.


25% of all RE5CUE Clothing proceeds are donated to animal rescues & shelters worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to influence change in society by living consciously; with our continued efforts added with the right minds working together, we can be the change.


Stay tuned for our upcoming release of the RE5CUE blog, fabulous accessories, as well as our super cozy RE5CUE Pups collection for your little cuties with style!