Miley Cyrus talks about Madonna

3 Février 2014, 20:55pm

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Miley Cyrus talks about Madonna after her peformance with the Queen of pop on MTV!



Miley Cyrus has said she hopes to still be encouraging women to embrace their sexual freedom when she is 55 and revealed that Madonna has been an inspiration to her as a woman, rather than just a musician.


Miley said..."I hope when I'm her age I'm next to the young up and comer doing whatever it is. I want to always embrace new artists and as I get older I want to continue to evolve with the artists. And that's what I think was so cool about Madonna doing that, not looking at me as someone who just looks at her and tries... 'cause I'm not trying to replicate her or be her, we're standing for a similar freedom". 


"It's amazing, it's even easier for me than I'm sure it was for Madonna, so I think it's going to get easier and easier as generations go on. I think women are going to be more accepted to be free and embrace sexuality. So hopefully I can be there to encourage that for the artists of the time in 20 years."


From Yahoo! TV...


Miley Cyrus discussed with Access Hollywood's Liz Hernandez her "MTV Unplugged" special and revealed some tidbits about how the surprise appearance by Madonna came to life.


"I just wanted to have a special guest that would be something that no one saw coming, especially with it being 'Unplugged."


Miley also told Liz that she really wanted Dolly Parton - who is her godmother - to be there, but the Country music superstar had a show on the day of 'Unplugged,' so she wasn't able to be there.


Myley explains..."So I was like, who can I bring besides Dolly that would be something like that? And I thought Madonna... I don't think people would expect her to go on 'Unplugged' like that."


"I never knew if it was gonna be possible. We just kind of threw it out there and when I was working on my record I wanted to have her on a song... she was working on her album and then when it was time for 'Unplugged'!.


Miley also explained how she felt of the playful moment she shared with Madonna on stage.


"I started grabbing on her and kind of messing around... and then she was like not afraid of that, obviously, because it's Madonna! It was nice to be on stage with someone that isn't afraid of what I'm gonna do, that totally embraces what I'm doing. It was fun and it was awesome."