Madonna Wins "Vogue" Sampling Lawsuit

20 Novembre 2013, 15:48pm

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The lawsuit claiming that Madonna and "Vogue" producer Shep Pettibone illegally sampled a tune on their 1990 hit has been resolved with a ruling favor of the defendants, the Hollywood Reporter website reveals. The original lawsuit was filed in July by VMG Salsoul, the copyright owner of a 1976 composition called "Love Break." The plaintiff alleged that it was only through new technology that the "deliberately hidden" sampling had been detected.


But a U.S. District Court judge in California has ruled on summary judgment that sampling of the Horn hit was "trivial," in that in could not be recognized. 


The ruling reads…

"Having listened to the sound recordings of "Chicago Bus Stop", "Love Break", and "Vogue", the Court finds that no reasonable audience would find the sampled portions qualitatively or quantitatively significant in relation to the infringing work, nor would they recognize the appropriation. The Court finds that any sampling of the Horn Hit was de minimis or trivial."


Attorney Richard Busch, who represented the defendants says…

"We are thrilled with the decision, and believe it is absolutely the right result."