Madonna's Overview on Tumblr for a Special #ArtForFreedom Curation

15 Novembre 2013, 09:10am

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Madonna’s Art For Freedom initiative has joined with Tumblr for the month of November to collectively curate a new collection of entries from their community of visual artists. On November 13, Madonna will conduct a live curation on Tumblr of entries and will continue to review submissions all month. The best work of art, photography, video or poetry chosen by Madonna from the November entries will receive a $10,000 grant, which will go to a nonprofit organization or project of the winning artist’s choice. All projects must be focused on a social justice issue and exemplify the values of Art For Freedom.


Madonna commented on the submissions published on Tumbr to #ArtForFreedom live curation. 


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Question by aishahussain: why did you decide to start this 'revolution' now? :)

Madonna reply: i started this now because someone needed to start it. People need to wake up. the world is in a state of chaos. and I believe we can change the world with art.



Submitted by Inrjmusic - Madonna reply "truer words were never spoken."




Submitted by Atelier056 - Madonna reply  "Bridges are good metaphors for freedom. i like it, makes me want to cross that bridge."





Submitted by Borivoje Naumovski - Madonna reply "I like this - hands can express so much."





Submitted by isvvc - Madonna reply "This is a perfect illustration of how i feel today. my hairs a mess i dont like my dress and im sick of all the labels."





Submitted by Stanislav - Madonna reply "you have to be prepared to bleed in order to be free - i like this."





Submitted by Scott Cornwell - Madonna reply "if i were your creative writing teacher at school I’d suggest you cut the last 3 lines. the rest of it is very good."



I’ve lost my inhibitions

I’ve lost who I am

I’ve lost my family 

I no longer know who I am

I’m becoming who I want to be

I’m no longer who I’m supposed to be




A gay Man

Your scared of what I’m becoming

Your stuck where you’ve been

The irony is your living in Sin



Submitted by Zelko - Madonna reply "love this. It reminds me catholic school. nuns scared me but i wanted to be a nun, go figure."




Submitted by Viv G - Madonna reply "i like this. Occupied territory vs freedom." 




Madonna reply "fuck you"




Submitted by Siozov - Madonna reply "I’m all for protecting children’s rights, but i don’t want to stereotype all priests as bad guys."




Submitted by Serhat KiDiL - Madonna reply "i like it - it made me laugh. art should make you laugh. dont get hit by traffic."




Submitted by Luka Torković - Madonna reply "Frida is the ultimate freedom fighter. love it."





Submitted by MadonnaArtVision - Madonna reply "bust these bitches out of jail!!"


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Submitted by M-ilochan - Madonna reply "whatever doesnt kill you, makes you stronger. i like this."




Submitted by Samthor - Madonna reply "the truth is when you march to your own beat and wake people up sometimes they run away from you, they dont come to you. prepare yourself for rejection and dont give up."




Submitted by Gipo - Madonna reply "YES i am with you!"




Submitted by Emilianodm - Madonna reply "love it. genius. it speaks to me."




Submitted by Madonna-art-vision - Madonna reply "if frida was alive today she would so be my girlfriend".






Question by Mebemau: I'm a student. How do you suggest I promote Art For Freedom in my school? Other than engraving it on all the desks and white boards.. (I do that already) haha

Madonna reply: "encourage your friends to make submissions. to create art and submit it to the website. terrorize everyone at your school to be creative for the sake of freedom."



Submitted by Anomalymachine - Madonna reply "you go girl!"





Submitted by Winderosette - Madonna reply "very cute i love it."





Submitted by Jo Hay - Madonna reply "nice. i like it. it’s poetic. its musical turn it into a song."





Submitted by VIV G - Madonna reply "like it. Freedom is not a game."




Submitted by Forgetconvention -  Madonna reply "i like it. you are a good writer. you could start writing the president’s speeches."





Submitted by Pierre - Madonna reply "clever, i like it. its all about forgiveness."





Madonna commented "Fight the real enemy"



Submitted by Gabennett - Madonna reply "very true."





Question by Deancroatia: Will there come a day when people will live united?

Madonna reply: yes there will come a day when we will all be free. send check for $10k is will help speed up the process.


Question by Deancroatia: Thinking about the future - are you optimistic?

Madonna reply: after i’ve had a martini, for sure.



Madonna commented "Have no fear to love!!!"





Submitted by Fabio Esposito

Madonna commented...


love it.

thank you tumblr.