Madonna realeases Design Overlay Pack for Studio Design App

14 Novembre 2013, 11:46am

Publié par MadonnaArtVision


Madonna is releasing a Design Overlay Pack through the Studio App (available on iTunes). This design pack contains over 50 designs people can put on top of their photos. They include quotes, icons, and sayings that she believes in.


# For Studio App download HERE:

# Direct to Maddona’s Design pack HERE: studiolink://pack/9JYnIoHEyw


Did you ever wonder how the Queen of Pop creates her various Instagram pictures?

The answer: Studio App (available on iTunes)


With Studio App, anyone can add design to their photos from the app, and then post those photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or save to your camera roll for use. Simply choose a photo, then choose an overlay from any pack (including the Madonna pack), and put it on your photo. You can add as many design overlays as you want on each photo.