Madonna Photoshoot by Herman Kulkens, 1979 revealed for the first time

24 Octobre 2013, 13:38pm

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For the first time, a photoshoot Madonna is published Herman Kulkens from 1979. Many photos may offend the sensibilities of the young people. If you are under 18, leave this post!


Update - Official press release...



The Guccione Collection will sell over 600 unique items in an online auction on Saturday, November 9, beginning at 12PM EST. The auction begins the day after “Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story” is set to premiere on the Epix cable network. The film is directed by Barry Avrich and produced by financier Jeremy Frommer and producer Rick Schwartz (“Machete”, “Black Swan”). It won critical acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival and illustrates the scope of Guccione’s contributions to art, science and the first amendment. Many of the unique items seen in the film are included

in the auction. The staggering array of art and artifacts from the archive of the legendary magazine publishing magnate Bob Guccione features such unique items as original negatives of nude pop icon Madonna. The images are the first nudes ever taken of Madonna, infamously taken by Herman Kulkens in 1977 when she was 18 years old.


The pre-superstardom portraits of Madonna, nude and in her early twenties, were shot by Herman Kulkens, and show her in poses both playfully ornamental (her nude cowgirl shots are particularly insouciant) and disarmingly unguarded.


The Guccione Collection:

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The dark haired teenager with the flinty eyes stares up at the camera, clad in nothing but a man’s striped shirt and burgundy tie and chewing seductively on a pair of glasses. Aged 18, in late 1977, a University of Michigan dance student named Madonna Louise Ciccone posed nude at $10 an hour for photographer Herman Kulkens – only for the pictures to surface less than 10 years later after she became a household name.


For Kulkens, he once recalled how he was impressed by the girl he met in a sculpture class at Art World, a school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her face, he said, "eminded me of Cleopatra"At the time, Kulkens and his photographer wife Susan got a signed release from Madonna that granted them rights to ‘sell or use the photos as they saw fit’ in return for a small amount of money.

However, the Kulkens went on to sue Guccione for $2million in 1985 as well as attempting to block publication – just as Madonna’s star was on the ascendent and she had released some of her biggest hits, Holiday, Like A Virgin and Into the Groove and was embarking on her Like a Virgin tour – claiming they had never signed a binding agreement and wanting to publish with Playboy.

In the end, pictures from the set were published in both Playboy and Penthouse – with Guccione defending himself by claiming he had a signed agreement from the Kulkens, as Playboy raced to the newstands and breathlessly proclaimed it had published first. Madonna’s long-time publicist Liz Rosenberg, who still works with Madonna to this day, said of the furore: "Madonna has acknowledged in past interviews that she did pose nude for art classes” when she was a model. "Her feeling is she’s never done anything she’s ashamed of.”


Jeremy Frommer is now putting the Madonna images up for auction on November 9 on and told MailOnline...

‘We will also be selling 21 35mm slides, only six have ever been published…the craziest thing is that we still don’t know who the mystery girl whose hair Madonna’s playing with isJeremy also revealed how he has been turned away from top auction houses he labels as "stodgy"  who have refused to sell many of the erotic images from Guiccione’s estate. 


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