Madonna, Only One Queen to Billboard’s Hot 100 History

4 Août 2013, 21:38pm

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In the course of charting over a half-century of music, the Billboard Hot 100 — which now celebrates its 55th anniversary — has seen some songs transform into hits, but it has also chronicled major chart feats.


Billboard delved into the Hot 100′s rich history to take a look, by the numbers, at the chart’s Top 100 artists, the artists with the most Hot 100 No. 1′s and top tens, the artists with the most overall Hot 100 hits, the biggest No. 2 hits, and more.


Hot 100: Top 100 Artists


#1 The Beatles

#2 Madonna

#3 Elton John

#4 Elvis Presley

#5 Mariah Carey

#6 Stevie Wonder

#7 Janet Jackson

#8 Michael Jackson

#9 Whitney Houston

#10 The Rolling Stones


Hot 100: Most No. 1s By Artist 

The all-time list of the artists with the most Hot 100 No. 1 hits 


#The Beatles 20

#Mariah Carey 18

#Michael Jackson 13

#Madonna 12

#Rihanna 12

#The Supremes 12

#Whitney Houston 11

#Janet Jackson 10

#Stevie Wonder 10

#Bee Gees 9

#Elton John 9

#Paul McCartney 9

#Usher 9


Most Top 10 Hits By Artist

The artists with the most top 10 hits on the Hot 100


#Madonna 38

#The Beatles 34

#Michael Jackson 28

#Stevie Wonder 28

#Mariah Carey 27

#Janet Jackson 27

#Elton John 27

#Elvis Presley 25

#Rihanna 24

#Whitney Houston 23

#The Rolling Stones 23


Most Weeks at No. 1 By Artist

The artists who have spent the most weeks at the Hot 100's pole position


#Mariah Carey 79

#The Beatles 59

@Boyz II Men 50

#Rihanna 47

#Usher 47

#Michael Jackson 37

#Beyonce 36

#Elton John 34

#Janet Jackson 33

#Madonna 32


The 55th anniversary edition of the Hot 100 All-Time Top Songs and Artists charts are based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100, since the chart’s inception in August 1958 through the July 27, 2013 rankings. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at No. 100 earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology over the Hot 100′s 55 years (i.e., the inclusion of Nielsen Entertainment airplay monitoring and point-of-sales tracking and the recent inclusion of streaming data, among earlier modifications), certain eras are weighted differently to account for chart turnover rates over various periods. The Artist chart utilizes the same point system and adjusted weighting as the Songs list, but aggregates all titles for each act that charted over the course of its career.