Madonna No. 5 Slot On Forbes 2013 List of The Most Powerful Celebrities

26 Juin 2013, 13:41pm

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Forbes has just put online "The 2013 List of The Most Powerful Celebrities", and Madonna is number 5. The Material Girl is back, after a two-year absence, as 2013's biggest earner with $125 million banked.


Forbes commented...

"Of course, because we’re FORBES, money carries the most weight in our rankings, and thanks to that Madonna is back on the Celeb 100–in fifth place–after two years off the list. Even though her newest album, MDNA, was a flop, the Material Girl still managed to rank as this year’s top earner thanks to a world tour that helped her rake in $125 million between June 2012 and June 2013."



TOP 10 2013 List of The Most Powerful Celebrities ...

#1 - Ophra Winfrey

#2 - Lady Gaga

#3 - Steven Spielberg

#4 - Beyoncé

#5 - Madonna 

#6 - Taylor Swift

#7 - Bon Jovi

#8 - Roger Federer

#9 - Justin Bieber

#10 - Ellen DeGeneres



Source: Forbes