Madonna joins Billion-Dollar Club

28 Mars 2013, 12:35pm

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According to The New York Post, the “Material Girl” has reportedly joined the billion-dollar club.


We already know that Madonna was named pop’s top earner in 2012 thanks to her record-breaking MDNA tour that grossed a whopping $305,158,363. On top of that she made $75 million in merchandise sales during her 88 shows around the world and raked in $10 million in TV rights and DVD sales from her tour.

Her rumored net worth had already hovered around $700 million but according to NaughtyButNiceRob, the Queen of Pop rounded that up to a billion bucks by dipping her toes in several other money-making ventures.

The pop icon has investments in Vita Coco and gym chain Hard Candy that earned her mega money. She took in $60 million in sales from her new perfume, Truth or Dare (according to WWD) and made another $10 million from her recent deal with vodka brand Smirnoff. According to the gossip site, Madge will earn $10 million in 2013 from her “Material Girl” clothing line, shoe line and upcoming Macy’s lingerie line.


D'après le New York Post, Madonna devient la première popstar milliardaire...


Madonna prouve toujours qu'elle est la reine de la pop et du buisness. Elle devient en cette année 2013, milliardaire. En 2011, sa fortune était estimée à $700 millions mais depuis son retour avec l'album MDNA, le MDNA Tour et ses diverses activités en dehors de l'industrie de la pop, elle bat des records !


Retour sur les sommes qu'elle a gagné et quelle va gagner...

- $10 millions droits télévisuels/Ventes MDNA Tour DVD

- $10 millions Material Girl Collection/Truth or Dare Macy's

- $305,158,363 millions MDNA Album/MDNA Tour

- $75 millions Mershandising/MDNA Tour

- $10 millions pour le contrat avec la marque d'alcool Smirnoff

$60 millions Parfum "Truth or Dare by Madonna"

- Plus Vita Coco/Hard Candy Fitness