Madonna is the 11th of Best Sellers Artists: 18.322.464: 7.919.831 Singles & 10.402.633 Albums and MORE (InfoDisc Estimate)

28 Avril 2013, 18:16pm

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For the first time in France, a complete overview of the best artists record sellers was published by InforDiscMadonna is 11th place of the best artists sellers in France since the beginning of her career


Sale in France...

#Albums - 10,402,633

#Singles - 7,919,831

#Total: 18,322,464


Madonna ranked 14th of "The Artists (CD Album)"...

#Madonna was No. 1 for 37 weeks

#Madonna has spent 361 weeks in the Top 10

#Madonna ranked 890 weeks since the beginning of her career in French Charts.


Congratulations Madonna !