Madonna "Frozen" case in the Belgian Court of Appea

11 Décembre 2013, 10:08am

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Plagiarism accusations are nothing new to music business. Many people have always attempted to profit from big stars' hits by claiming to be their original authors. Also Madonna is not a stranger to being a defendant in plagiarism cases.

A few years ago a judge in Belgium decided that Madonna's 1998 smash "Frozen" bore to many similarities to Salvatore Acquaviva's song "Ma vie fout le camp". As a result of that ruling "Frozen" was ordered to be withdrawn from sale in Belgium (although you can purchase it from Belgian iTunes without any problem) and Belgian radio and TV stations were not supposed to play it.

Madonna and Pat Leonard's lawyers lodged an appeal and the new case began on 9 December. A new development in the case is a claim by a French composer Edouard Scotto di Suoccio who says that both "Frozen" and "My vie fout le camp" were based on his own composition "Bloodnight". A separate trial was held in France and having compared the three songs judges dismissed claims of too close similarities. This ruling will certainly be used in the appeal case now open in the court in the Belgian city of Mons.


One of Madonna’s advocates also added…

“Frozen” was composed by Patrick Leonard in 1996. He presented it to Madonna, who then revised it and added lyrics. Madonna only had a small part in the composition. So we’re not speaking of a “Madonna trial” here.