Madonna at the MDNA Tour World Premiere Screening: Newspaper Articles on Queen of Pop

21 Juin 2013, 10:37am

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Read the newspaper articles on Madonna at the MDNA Tour World Premiere Screening at Paris Theater,  in New-York !



By Liz Smith to Chicago Tribune...

Madonna -- the queen rules at 'MDNA' premiere


"In my book, if you don't leave a pound of flesh on the stage floor, you haven't done your job properly!"


That was Madonna at the chaotic premiere of the film version of her record-breaking "MDNA" tour last year. After the film, Madonna took questions from the audience -- made up of die-hard, totally hysterical fans. She was charming. It has not always been so. Madonna can be icily monosyllabic or just plain bored with whoever is interviewing her, and doesn't bother to hide it. But at the "MDNA" event, she was the Madonna I know, personally -- smart, funny, appealing. She was even dressed in my idea of glamour: a black tuxedo, a white silk shirt, a black top hat, just like Marlene Dietrich in "Morocco" In fact, Madonna said her choice of outfit was inspired by the Paris Theater, where the premiere was held. "In 1948, Dietrich cut the ribbon when this theater opened. So I pulled out my Marlene drag for this night."


Now, not that the night, sponsored by The Cinema Society, Dolce and Gabbana and Epix, was without hitches. There was madness in front of the Paris. It was raining and unbearably muggy. People were desperate to get inside. Some of those waiting on the VIP line were annoyed when Madonna's fans were allowed in first. "Why are they getting in?" asked one woman whose coif was collapsing. "Maybe because they are the ones who made her a star," came the reply.


But even after the VIPs were seated, there was a loooong wait for Madonna. Like, an hour. The theater was almost as muggy as it was outside. Finally, Madonna and her entourage arrived. This included all her dancers from the tour, and her son Rocco, who also appeared onstage with his legendary mom. However, as Madonna remarked later, with a laugh: "He doesn't look like he did then. He's grown three inches, he's almost six feet tall and frankly, he kind of frightens me."


As for the film, if you thought the concert itself was intense, seeing and hearing it up close, pitches it to a new level. Madonna does some amazing -- and genuinely brave -- stuff here. A lot of it is not for the faint of heart. But, if you're going to accept the moniker of "The Queen," you've got to own it, and Madonna owns every bit of it! And even at a film premiere she knows how to put on a show. As the credits rolled, the lights went up and a full marching band with drums and cymbals appeared in both aisles. It was impressive, funny and ear-shattering. (It was also a way to keep everybody from leaving until Madonna took the stage.)


The party afterward was at Harlow, and the late hour had no effect on Madonna's energy -- she danced until 2:30 a.m.! Among the throng watching were John Travolta, Andy Cohen, ageless Debi Mazar, Adam Lambert, CNN's Alina Cho, ballet's handsome Roberto Bolle, Lee Daniels, Rachel Roy, the Cinema Society's Andrew Saffir (holding up surprisingly well amid the chaos) and Kelly Osbourne.


Best exchange of the night came when "Boy Culture" writer and Madonna historian Matthew Rettenmund approached Kelly O. for a photo. (She was chatting with Cosmo's sexy Sergio Kletnoy.) Rettenmund said, "I'm on your side in the stuff between you and Lady Gaga." Kelly replied rather tartly, "There are no sides. I just think it's disgusting to use gay people for making money!" This left Rettenmund momentarily speechless, but a friend standing behind him chirped up, "Well, it's better than using them for firewood, honey."


Miss Osbourne seemed not to be amused.






We've seen that look before! Madonna opts for a mannish Marlene Dietrich look for premiere of MDNA tour documentary


She is certainly a big fan of making fashion statements in bizarre outfits when it comes to her red carpet appearances. So Madonna pulled out all the stops at a party thrown in her honour on Tuesday. But this time, the superstar singer finally chose to cover up and wore a classic black tuxedo with a white waistcoat and bowi tie, as worn by her idol Marlene Dietrich.


Madonna was naturally the guest of honour at a screening for the Epix World premiere of her Madonna: The MDNA Tour documentary, held at the Paris Theatre in New York. The 54-year-old sported a black top hat and tails along with a cream satin bowtie and matching waistcoat, and platform black and white brogues with fashion by Tom Ford. Having name checked Deitrich in her 1990 classic track Vogue, the Queen of pop appeared uncannily like her early 1900s German actress idol.


Madonna referenced her Eighties success with a chainmail glove on one hand, along with a monogram 'M' ring on the other. The fitness fanatic wore her brassy blonde locks in tight curls and topped off her otherwise androgynous outfit with lashings of blood red lipstick. Classic performer Dietrich was famous in the 1930s until the 50s for her film performances - working with directors including Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles.


By the 1950s, she had become almost an exclusive cabaret performer, selling out venues across the globe including Las Vegas and London - often performing the majority of her shows in a top hat and tails. Making the evening a true family event, Madonna arrived at the venue with her dancer boyfriend Brahim Zaibat - being shielded by a sudden downpour of rain by an umbrella.

Eldest child, Lourdes, was also at the event looking very much like a younger version of her mother, wearing a black outfit. Son Rocco was also there looking smart with a red tie - his looks taking after his father, Guy Ritchie.


Madonna was joined at the event, which was hosted by Dolce & Gabbana and The Cinema Society, by plenty of her famous friends.


Kelly Osbourne, who used to be the face of the diva’s clothing line Material Girl, looked to be attempting to pay homage to the star in her Desperately Seeking Susan era. Nicky Hilton meanwhile sported a pretty pink pleated dress which showed off her slender legs, along with black studded peep toes. Howard Stern’s wife Beth Ostrosky looked glamorous in a strapless tangerine dress which clung to her slim figure and highlighted her golden tan and matching tresses.

The somewhat strange guestlist also included the likes of Martha Stewart and fashion designers Christian Siriano, Rachel Roy and Stacy Bendet. The MDNA Tour concert special can be watched on EPIX on June 22, before it will be released on DVD on August 27.





Madonna is never one to do things on the down low and, so, what else were we expecting her to do other than making a statement, when she stepped out on the red carpet for the premiere of her MDNA in New York City.


But what was the statement? Well, seeing as she was donned up in attire that stole inspiration from the likes of yesteryear’s smooth crooners and, more importantly, the ringmaster of a circus, Madonna was clearly pointing out that she still runs the show. And, for some, she certainly does. But that wasn’t the only reason she wore the top hat and tails combo… it’s also because of the theatre she screened it in.


The reason she chose to premiere the tour documentary at the Paris Theatre in New York because of the historical meaning behind it and that one of her idols actress Marlene Dietrich was the one who cut the inaugural ribbon back in 1948… hence Madonna’s choice of outfit.


Talking about the grueling tour schedule that she set herself, Madonna said...

"In my book, if you don’t leave a pound of flesh on the stage every night, you did not do your job… go hard or go home."


In attendance there were the likes of Kelly Osbourne, Carol Alt, Debi Mazar, Dolce&Gabbana darling Giovanna Battaglia and international ballet star Roberto Bolle. We mustn’t forget that this tour didn’t come together on its own accord and the tour documentary for the MDNA concerts certainly didn’t compile itself. Director Danny Tull, who has worked on various Madonna projects in the past, sifted through the footage from the 88 shows, pulling out the most iconic moments and those the represented the icon to full effect… et voila, here we have it. The MDNA Tour will premiere on Epix on June 22 and will later be released on DVD August 27.




Dayton Daily News...


Madonna premieres tour film, talks secret project


Madonna said there were days when she was exhausted during her recent "MDNA" world tour, but she decided to press on.


You won't see those behind-the-scenes battles in her new concert film, "The MDNA Tour," which premieres Saturday on the online and cable network Epix. But you will see the 54-year-old pop icon performing — mainly highlights from her Miami shows — for two hours on her tour, which started in May of last year and wrapped in December.


"There's no such thing as not in the mood because the show must go on, right?" the singer said at the film's premiere Tuesday night at New York's Paradise Theater. "I'm a human being like everybody else, so I would have my nights, my bad nights and I would cry and I would say, 'I don't want to do this.'"


Madonna told a feverish crowd of fans, her dancers, her tour team, socialites and members of press that she wanted her shows to be a relief for those paying to see her.


"I sold the tickets and I can't let my audience down," she told the crowd of a few hundred. "Before every show everyone came into my dressing room and we got in a circle and said prayers and 50 percent of the time I said them and 49 percent of the time I was crying, usually from over-exhaustion. But there's something about pushing yourself out there when it's pouring rain or you're freezing cold or you don't feel well or something really crazy happened in the world like Hurricane Sandy."


Madonna's tour, which included design help from her 16-year-old daughter, Lourdes, also featured her 12-year-old son, Rocco, as a dancer.


"He was going to go on my tour whether he liked it or not," said Madonna. "I was thrilled to see him every night. He gave me a boost of energy. However, he does not look like that (now). In one year he has grown, he's 6 feet tall and his voice has deepened. I'm a little bit scared of him."


Madonna also unveiled a secret project Tuesday — a collaboration with photographer Steven Klein. She showed a one-minute trailer that featured her background dancers and showed the singer being dragged on the floor. She was answering questions before she premiered the black-and-white video and told the crowd she was leaving the stage so they could see it.


"No," they screamed.


"Well I can't sit in front of the trailer. I'll just do a stage dive. No. I saw the Billboard Awards — no stage dive," she said jokingly, referring to R&B singer Miguel's jump that injured a woman at the awards show last month. Madonna's new concert film will be released on DVD on Aug. 27.