Madonna to Malawi: Pictures of Madonna's Visits Chorwe, Mchinji and Blantyre

5 Avril 2013, 01:00am

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Madonna arrived March 31th 2013, she has visiting the Mkoko Primary School, Chorwe, Mchinji & Bandtyre in Malawo with her family...


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Madonna, spending her fourth day in the southern African country of Malawi on Thursday, picked up ailing children and joked with them when she visited an overcrowded children's ward in Blantyre, the country's largest city.

"Muli bwanji? (How are you?)" she greeted them in Malawi's main language, Chichewa.

Madonna, with her son, Rocco, went to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, which she has been supporting for five years through its chief pediatrician, Dr. Eric Borgstein. 

Madonna said...

"is a hero of mine" (Dr. Eric Borgstein). "He is doing a wonderful job."

The ward performs at least 500 surgeries per year on poor children, said Borgstein. Madonna is the largest individual donor to the hospital and funds programs run by Borgstein that include treating children with cancer, said Trevor Neilson, president of the Global Philanthropy Group that is managing Madonna's projects in Malawi.


Pictures - Madonna at the Elizabeth Central Hospital...



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American pop queen Madonna is in Malawi to inspect the schools she has built in the impoverished African country, the native home of her adopted two children, her manager said on Tuesday. "We are coming to visit the 10 schools that she recently finished building with an organisation called BuildOn," said Madonna's philanthropy manager Trevor Nielson. "Those schools which are now open and operating are serving 3,800 students," he told AFP. The schools were built over the past nine months.

Education minister Eunice Kazembe had last year challenged a claim by her charity Raising Malawi that it built 10 schools, saying they were rather classroom blocks, and not schools. But Nielson said the structures were schools complying with national standards. "There's no controversy, the schools are built to the exact national standards of Malawi, like every other Malawian school," he said. "The bottom line is that 3,800 children are going to school now who were not going to school before."

Initially she wanted to build a large $15-million girls academy, but the plan was abandoned after "a large amount of money went missing". The academy was replaced by plans to build schools, in order to reach more children.

Madonna, said to be the single largest international philanthropic donor to Malawi, also supports childcare in the country which is home to nearly a million children orphaned by AIDS. On Sunday she visited one of the orphanages she sponsors in the capital Lilongwe.



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Local residents say that U.S. pop diva Madonna has arrived in Malawi for an unannounced visit.

An aviation department worker said Madonna’s jet landed at the Kamuzu International Airport in the country’s capital, Lilongwe, early Monday. It was not clear if she came with her children. The aviation worker spoke on condition of anonymity because he did not have permission to speak to the press.

The singer has previously stayed at the exclusive Kumbali Lodge in Lilongwe, and an employee there says all other guests were checked out. The employee spoke on condition of anonymity because he didn’t have permission to speak to the press on the matter.

Madonna adopted two children from Malawi. She promised the court she would bring her adopted children twice “every two or three years.”