Madonna - A Transformational Exhibition at the W New York (April 12 - May 12): Private Launch Event: April 11, 2013/Reserve your tickets

8 Avril 2013, 13:18pm

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Remember, Madonna, A Transformationnal Exhibition" was in Paris in December 2012. From 12 April to 12 May 2013, the exhibition will be at the W Hotel in New York...


The result of this incredible occasion can be seen in MADONNA – A Transformational Exhibition, featuring never-before-seen images of the Queen of Pop’s 1980s street style, shot by Corman and fellow photographer George DuBose. This traveling multimedia tour lands at the W Times Square, with select shots also on display at the W New York, W Downtown, W Union Square, and W Hoboken, from April 12 through May 12.


Limited tickets are also available to the public for the exhibit's opening night on April 11, during which street artist Alec Monopoly will recreate two of the images in a live-tagging performance. Limited tickets to the private event will be made available to the public. Please email for a chance to attend the night's event.




Private Launch Event: April 11, 2013 7-10 PM

WHERE: W New York – Times Square


The next step of MADONNA – A Transformational Exhibition at W Shangai  - April 18th-April 21st 2013.