Lady Gaga again on Madonna: "I don't want your fucking throne"

12 Novembre 2013, 22:09pm

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Today, Lady Gaga appaered on Howard Stern's Radio Show for her new album, "Art Pop"! She has spoken on Madonna again! She said, "I don't want your fucking throne"...


What do you think?





Howard Stern: I think Madonna is jealous of you in a weird way. Do you agree with that statement? I think that you have the spotlight now. You have the 40 million twitter followers. You’re selling all these records. You’re going out on big tours.


Lady Gaga: I don’t know… Well, I mean… I don’t… It’s…I mean… There’s a lot… There’s not so many ways that you can interpret it, I guess. You can look at it that way. I think she’s more aggravated that I’m not upset that she doesn’t like me, because I don’t care she doesn’t like me.


Howard Stern: It doesn’t get to you?

Lady Gaga: No, I don’t care.


Howard Stern: How personally affected do you get when you’re in one of these famous feuds? 

Lady Gaga: I’m not personally affected. All the feuds that people write about, they’re very one-sided. It’s me over here and somebody’s feuding with themselves about me.


Howard Stern: So Perez Hilton, who was a good friend of yours. Are you angry with him or not?

Lady Gaga: I don’t really care anymore. It’s so ridiculous at this point. It’s such nonsense. The whole thing is really rooted in Madonna. That’s the center of it. No one’s really said that or admitted to it. It’s silly…


Howard Stern: What do you mean? Madonna is in the center of the Perez Hilton feud?

Lady Gaga: Yeah, there’s always this pissing match… “Did she take her torch? Is she the new her? Is she going to outlast her… or not?” There’s this thing with some people that I’m a threat to the throne… I don’t want your fucking throne. No thanks. I have my own. I don’t want a throne at all. I don’t view myself as a queen. I view myself as one of my fans. That’s it.


Howard Stern: [Your Little Monsters] seem to take responsibility for you. They’re protective.

Lady Gaga: I think they really didn’t like… After the whole controversy happened with Madonna a couple of years ago. It was sort of a door was opened for everyone to start taking shots at me. I think they felt attacked, because it was a lot of press and a lot of people all the time. You know… “Gaga’s over. She’s a copy cat. She’s ripping people off. She’s not what everybody thinks she is.”



Thanks to Madonnarama for a transcript!