Kelly Osbourne: Madonna is the voice of God

21 Novembre 2013, 17:56pm

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Kelly Osbourne was the guest of "The Kyle and Jackie O Show" and she played "60 Seconds of Celebrity". 


She talked about Madonna and Lola...


Jackie O: You also worked with Madonna. What was she like to work with? 

Kelly Osbourne: She is incredible. I ended up calling her the voice of God, because we would be at the photoshoot and they'd be like "M says that we want to change this and M wants you to try this." I'm like "where is she?" It was because somebody is there taking pictures and sending it to her. She is doing like five jobs at once. I'm like "You're incredible."


Kyle: Control freak? 

Kelly Osbourne: No, honestly. She’s very open to the creative process. I had an idea about something…


Kyle: She’d listen and everything? 

Kelly Osbourne: Yeah.


Kyle: Her kids are nice too.

Kelly Osbourne: I’m obsessed with Lola. I love her so much. We became really good friends throughout the whole…