"Herb Ritts - In Piena Luce" Exhibit in Rome

30 Décembre 2013, 22:49pm

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From Madonnatribe...


The MadonnaTribe team has visited the new exhibit devoted to the late Herb Ritts, held at the Auditorium in Rome.

"Herb Ritts - In Piena Luce" displays a series of classic shots by the most daring fashion photographer of the 80's and 90's featuring black and white portraits of his famous nude models plus many celebrities from Gleen Close and Richard Gere to Michael Jackson and Jack Nicholson. Images from the videoclips he has directed are also presented, including footage from Madonna's Cherish (the first ever music video he directed encouraged by the Queen Of Pop).


Several iconic Madonna images are also included, such a the True Blue album cover shot (used to promote the exhibit), presented in its original black and white format and the "minnie mouse ears" shot later used for the cover of the Dear Jessie single.


But the real great surprise is a series of outtakes, projected on a little screen almost keep hidden from view like a great treasure that only the eyes that can appreciate it will see, taken from different photo sessions includind the True Blue album cover shoot and the photo session used for Interview magazine in 1990 and later made immortal by The Immaculate Collection.


ritts_rome_508.jpg  ritts_rome_507-copie-1.jpg


It's amazing to look at the contact sheets of rejected poses of photos that are at the same so new and so familiar to our eyes


As long time fans we started shouting like kids and starting taking pictures like if Madonna was really there (and honestly her essence was indeed there in those photos) with most people surprised by our reactions.


If you are in Rome don't miss this exhibit that runs from December 11 2013 to March 30 2014 at the Auditorium Parco Della Musica and now have a look at our photos of the event.


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