Fashion + Music BOOK By Katie Baron

8 Août 2016, 09:36am

Publié par Madonna Art Vision

In her new book " Fashion + Music " ,

Katie Baron explores the synergy between these two, towering cultural pillars. 

Profiling 19 of the visionary stylists, designers and costumiers who have dressed some of our best-loved musical personas, Baron’s book reminds of the artistry that lies behind the architecture of image. At the height of their power stars, and their style, offer not just entertainment, but a cultural creed, tangibly impacting the way that we perceive the world around us. 

As Michael Schmidt,

stylist to Madonna, Lady GaGa and Rihanna explains: “We all need something to believe in and these stars, with these looks, are essentially rendering themselves immortal.”

Fashion + Music by Katie Baron (Laurence King)

Fashion and music have long shared a powerful mutual attraction:

from the Sex Pistols to Madonna, Kylie Minogue to Lady Gaga, fashion has consistently amplified our understanding of the band (and in many cases the brand) – fuelling the fantasy, giving context to the sound and adding depth to artists’ wider agendas.

From pop videos to editorial shoots, via the evolution of some of the industry’s most significant and era-defining pairings/collaborations, this book focuses on the power of fashion as a make-or-break tool within the music industry’s creative process – making it an essential reference point for anyone interested in fashion’s role as a medium with which to innovate, communicate and build enduring brands.

About the author:

Katie Baron is a London-based writer, editor, creative consultant and global Head of Retail ( insights and innovations ) for trend-forecasting, research and advisory agency Stylus.

She has contributed to The Times, Volt, Hole & Corner, 125, Dazed & Confused, Vogue, Luxure, experimental fashion broadcaster SHOWstudio, and regularly speaks at fashion-tech forum, Decoded Fashion.

She is also a founder member of the London College of Fashion's future-scoping think-tank, Digital Anthroplogy Laboratory, and author of Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries (Laurence King Publishing).