Encyclopedia Madonnica 20: Madonna from A to Z

20 Octobre 2015, 23:11pm

Publié par Madonna Art Vision

Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 is not just an A to Z reference manual. It’s not just a dizzying collection of interviews, reviews, and essays, nor is it just the most comprehensive and wittiest de facto Madonna biography that’s ever been published; it is the most useful channeling of celebrity fanaticism that I’ve ever witnessed.

Rettenmund, who has written several books and runs the blog Boy Culture, has been a fan of Madonna’s since he was a kid in the ‘80s.

He owns over 3,000 magazines with Madonna’s face on the cover, has “literally over a ton” of memorabilia, and estimates that he has spent upwards of half a million dollars on Madonna-oriented material.

Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 is not just an expression of celebrity adoration, it is the height of such expression.


The standard edition of the ultimate book on the Queen of Pop: Madonna!

This twentieth-anniversary edition of the book that gets it all down (and gets it all right) is filled with never-before-seen and rare images, as well as fresh interviews.

This encyclopedic tome covers every aspect of Madonna's life and career: music, movies, TV, love life, family, tours and more.

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