Rita Ora on Madonna’s "Bitch I'm Madonna" New Video

10 Juin 2015, 21:21pm

Publié par Madonna Art Vision

Madonna herself confirmed that her upcoming video will include many surprise guests, and tagged many of them in some of her recent Instagram posts, and now one of them spilled the beans about working with the Queen of Pop on the set of Bitch I’m Madonna.

Rita Ora said to On Demand Entertainment...

I know, she’s the queen. Well for me there’s two, there’s Beyonce and then there’s Madonna. 
I did her Material Girl campaign a few years ago, so when I first met her I couldn’t feel my feet, but she’s one of the nicest, coolest, most work-driven people I’ve ever met.
To be a part of this kind of video it’s awesome. I do not want Queen Madge coming up to me and telling me off!

Thanks to MadonnaTribe!