"Bitch, I’m Madonna" Video will be direced by Jonas Åkerlund

11 Mai 2015, 08:11am

Publié par Madonna Art Vision

After "Living For Love" and "Ghosttown", Univeral Music has confirmed that "Bitch, I’m Madonna" will be the third single off Madonna’s Rebel Heart!

"Bitch I’m Madonna" will have a video, and it will be directed by Jonas Åkerlund! After Ghosttown video, Åkerlund will join again the Queen of Pop for their 7th video together!

Madonna briefly talked about the video to Towleroad when comparing it to "Living for Love"…

The thing about [Living For Love], it’s such a passionate song, I had to present it in a passionate way. I used mythology to tell the story, with the story of the minotaur and the matador and fighting and fighting for love and the color red and flowers and horns and death and naked men. You know, the important things in life. I don’t want to make every video the same, but I did love the richness of that video. To me, it felt like a painting that came to life. That’s what I was trying to do. I wouldn’t want to do that for every video. When I do ‘Bitch I’m Madonna,’ it’s going to be a whole different aesthetic.

Thanks to DrownedMadonna!