Exclusive: Madonna "Living For Love" Doll by Artist Creations

25 Février 2015, 17:37pm

Publié par MadonnaArtVision

Madonna Art Vision is happy to presents in exclusivity the new "Living For Love" Madonna Doll by Artist Creations. The designers, Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis from Italy we proposed this amazing doll! 

Alessandro Gatti & Giuseppe De Bellis from Rome (Italy) are two  set decoration and costume designers, golden fingers of the multi awarded  team “ Artist Creations” from  over of 20 years specialized in Italian OOAK fashion dolls. 

Now the Queen is back with a new album and one new amazing single “Living for Love“ and Alessandro & Giuseppe have decide to make another tribute in doll of our ICON 
This new “ICON DOLL“ in the long series of Madonna dolls make by Artist Creations  is a perfect reconstruction , in miniature , of the "red torero" outfit by Riccardo Tisci worn in the video “Living for Love“ using best quality red velvet fabric hand embroidered with tiny black sequence and Swarovsky elements in a perfect look like the original one 
Every single detail is in doll size (12”) including the white shirt.  leather corset, pink stockings and shoes  everything hand made in one of a kind piece like the entire doll.
The face is completely hand paint with professional acrylic water base colors fixed with special japanese spray like the hairstyle with a total hand replant of the hair , everything on a multi articulated and posable body , perfect for recreate the “pose” make by Madonna in the choreography of the video.





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