Amazon announces German Pre-Sale for New Madonna Tour

20 Février 2015, 12:41pm

Publié par MadonnaArtVision

Amazon Germany is offering an exclusive pre-sale of new Madonna album Rebel Heart on vinyl, Standard, Deluxe Edition or Limited Super Deluxe Edition or the MP3 album as Standard or Deluxe Edition until Thursday, 05/03/2015 23:59 clock pre-order, you will receive on Saturday, the 07/03/2015 an e-mail with all the details of when and how to purchase your tickets.

Customers who already pre-ordered the album in one of the eligible versions will also receive the information by email, unless they opted-out from the marketing e-mails.

Deluxe Version – €20.97 – 10 March 2015
Deluxe Version (clean) – €28.15 – 10 March 2015 (import)
Vinyl LP – €34,99 – 10 March 2015