People Magazine: Rebel Heart could be Madonna’s best album since Ray Of Light

4 Janvier 2015, 00:23am

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People Magazine have made a review of the 6 new tracks from Madonna‘s Rebel Heart... and according to them this could be her best album since Ray Of Light! What do you think?!

People Magazine says...

“Life is a mistery, Madonna once sang, but she could have been talking about herself. Shortly before Christmas the diva unexpectedly released a half dozen new tracks from the upcoming album Rebel Heart, and they’re terrific. The standouts: “Living For Love” – a buoyant post-breakup anthem that echoes the gospel-drenched heights of “Like A Prayer” – and “Ghosttown”, a mid-tempo ballad in which Madonna promises to stick by her beloved even when “the world has turned to dust.

The album’s remaining 13 songs are set to drop in March, but hey, this is Madonna, so who really knows? If they are just as outstanding, “Rebel Heart” could be Madge’s best album since 1998’s "Ray Of Light."

Thanks to DrownedMadonna!