Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” Super Deluxe Box Edition will contain 6 extra tracks

19 Janvier 2015, 21:38pm

Publié par MadonnaArtVision

iTunes revealed the full tracklisting of Madonna's upcoming album "Rebel Heart". Madonna’s new album will feature tracks with Mike Tyson, Nas, Nicki Minah and Chance The Rapper! Also Madonna still has a few more songs in store for the fans! Universal France has confirmed that “Rebel Heart” will get four different physical releases worldwide with an extra fifth one for France only...

Rebel Heart – Standard, 14 tracks
Rebel Heart – Deluxe, 19 tracks
Rebel Heart – Super Deluxe Box, 25 tracks
Rebel Heart – Vinyl,19 tracks
Rebel Heart – Exclusive FNAC France Edition, 20 tracks