Madonna justifies her references to Luther King, Nelson Mandela: “Lets celebrate them!”

5 Janvier 2015, 21:00pm

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Madonna Promotes Human Rights On Instagram, Gets Unfairly Branded A ‘Racist’

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Madonna is no stranger to controversy, but this latest one may have taken her by surprise.

Last month, the Queen of Pop announced her forthcoming album, ‘Rebel Heart.’ On the album’s cover, her face is tied with black ropes. Fans have been creating covers of their own since the announcement; Madonna has been posting these covers to her Instagram page, most of which feature other people’s faces tied up, including Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.

The media began accusing Madonna of using these historical figures to promote her album. Other writers took it even further, accusing her of cultural appropriation and racism. Madonna released a statement on her Facebook page, explaining that the pictures were created by fans, she isn’t racist, and neither are the fans who made them.

What the media and general public fail to understand is that Madonna was promoting something, but it wasn’t her album — it was human rights. Madonna and her fans were showing respect for these humanitarians, claiming they were “rebel hearts.” They defied the bigotry they were faced with and made a difference in the world. The message of Madonna’s work has always ran much deeper than a commercial product. She is one of the few mainstream artists left with something to say, and she deserves a lot of credit.

The reaction to Madonna’s Instagram posts only show further evidence of the increasing problem of oversensitivity. In today’s technologically advanced age, people can post their reactions instantly. They hardly ever take the time to think about what they’re reacting to; they don’t take things in the proper context and consider the person’s intentions. As far as I’m concerned, this is only contributing to the problem and causing a huge decrease in intelligence levels.

As far as cultural appropriation is concerned, I fail to see how the concept translates to Madonna’s latest Instagram posts. I also fail to see how culturally appropriating immediately makes you racist. I was born the year that ‘Vogue‘ came out, and as a gay man, I’m not at all offended by Madonna appropriating my people’s culture. I don’t think the several gay dancers featured in the video (many of whom came from the voguing scene) minded either. I saw it as a wonderful homage and sign of respect, just as Madonna intended it.

This also shows the problem with calling out people’s privilege. I’m not denying that privilege exists, but I hardly ever see it used to encourage positive, unifying discussion. In this case, people claim that since Madonna has white privilege, she shouldn’t be taking a stand for minorities. According to them, she should stay silent because she doesn’t know what it’s like to be black.

This only dissuades people from getting involved. We all need to come together in order for bigotry to decrease — that’s what King Jr. was all about. The people who claim to be defending him really need to check themselves and see if they’re truly spreading his message.

Those people seem to be encouraging a different form of discrimination. However, they feel that sort of discrimination is justified, because these people are privileged, which is wrong. Discrimination is discrimination. And yes, even white heterosexual men can be discriminated against for being white, heterosexual men.

The point is, nobody is immune to judgement, and oversensitivity will only perpetuate it. Let this be a lesson to all of you. When you see something that offends you, stop and use your brain. Is it really hateful and bigoted? If so, find a productive way to spread a positive message.

Don’t be so quick to voice your anger on social media. Because if you do, think about if you’re actually helping to solve the problem, or if you’re just contributing to it.


Madonna's Rebel Heart album artwork, which shows the pop queen's face entangled in black string, has created a slew of memes that have translated the effect to other famous heads, from Marilyn Monroe to Homer Simpson. On Friday (Jan. 2), Madonna went one step further, altering the visages of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Bob Marley in order to describe the famous civil rights leaders as "rebel hearts" like herself.

In the hours since they were posted to Twitter and Instagram, the images have provoked hundreds of user comments from her 2.6 million Instagram followers and 524,000 Twitter followers, some decrying the pictures as insensitive and others defending Madonna's artistic license.


Madonna has responded to critics of her recent social media posts, saying that she is "not comparing" herself to anyone, but "admiring and acknowledging" them.

On Jan. 2, the Queen of pop drew attention after she shared altered photographs of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Bob Marley through her Instagram account. The photos were tweaked -- by "fans," not Madonna, she says -- in order to appear similar to the cover of Madonna's upcoming album, Rebel Heart. The Rebel Heart cover features a close-up photo of Madonna's face wrapped in black string (a Rebel Heart "ribbon," as Madonna calls it). The photos of King, Mandela and Marley got similar treatment.

Madonna added in a separate note on Facebook and Instagram that "the world needs more people like" King and Mandela. She also thanked her fans for recreating her album cover using the images of so many "great" heroes, thus "celebrating" them as "great freedom fighters."

Madonna apologised on Facebook…
I’m sorry
I’m not comparing my self to anyone
I’m admiring and acknowledging there Rebel Hearts
This is niether a crime or an insult or racist!
I also did it with Michael jaclson and frida khalo and marilyn monroe
Am I saying I am them
I’m saying they are Rebel Hearts too.
I didn’t do it
My fans did
And I just re posted those photos
My fans aren’t racist either
If they put me in the same category as these other people
Thank you. I’m very flattered and I hope one day to live up to 1 100th of what those people accomplished.

Madonna explained herself on Instagram…
I would like to thank all my fans for recreating my album cover with the Rebel Heart ribbon on the faces of so many Great Hero’s. It shows that you are also celebrating and in admiration of these great freedom fighters! When I repost these images i am saying YES! These people are all Rebel Hearts in one way or another from Martin Luther King to Jesus to Nelson Mandela to John Lennon. YES! Lets celebrate them! The world needs more people like them. I hope to one day accomplish. 1 100th of what these Rebel Hearts have accomplished. As I Said in a previous post “I walk in the footsteps of Giants” and i will continue to do so G*D willing. They are my guiding light. #rebelheart #livingforlove