Madonna finished album will raise her stature

4 Janvier 2015, 23:30pm

Publié par MadonnaArtVision

Read an interesting article posted by Houston Chronicle praises the six-song preview of Madonna’s Rebel Heart and claims that “the leaked tracks might only raise Madonna‘s stature.”

"The six-song preview of Rebel Heart features Madonna‘s better side: as a savvy pop ear and musical team leader, and as a lyricist who sometimes ponders sin along with romance and fame."

The Houston Chronicle says that “at 56, Madonna has to contend with a generation of singers who have studied her playbook so thoroughly that they are far more her competition than her admirers,” but her new 6 songs proves that she has nothing to worry.

"With the six songs she [Madonna] suddenly released, she’s still a contender. her commercial response was shrewd."

“Madonna‘s name recognition still is so strong that the announcement catapulted all six tracks into the iTunes Top 10 in dozens of countries,” the article goes on.

"The leaked tracks might only raise Madonna‘s stature. When the finished album is released, fans will hear what she adds to them, what she changes, what her standards and instincts demand. They won’t experience Madonna the celebrity or Madonna the fashion statement but the Madonna who has kept us listening for decades: Madonna the musician."

Big thanks to DrownedMadonna!