Madonna climbs Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Charts

3 Janvier 2015, 09:08am

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Madonna motors forward on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs with each of the three songs that she debuted last week. “Bitch I’m Madonna,” featuring Nicki Minaj, lands one spot short of the top 10 (14-11), while first official single “Living for Love” also leaps three rungs (16-13). “Unapologetic Bitch” jumps four notches (26-22)

Hot Dance/Electronic Songs...
#11 Bitch I’m Madonna (+3)
#13 Living for Love (+3)
#22 Unapologetic Bitch (+4)

(The tracks were rush-released on Dec. 19, so their first chart-tracking week was abbreviated)

“Bitch I’m Madonna” scanned 17,000 units in its first full sales week, up 33 percent. By contrast, the other two tracks posted modest sales gains: “Living” is up 4 percent to 11,000, while “Unapologetic” ups by 2 percent to 8,000.

Source: Billboard