Details on Madonna’s "Living for Love" and Grammy Awards Red Carpet look

12 Janvier 2015, 15:53pm

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First details on Madonna’s “Living for Love” and Grammy Awards Red Carpet look
German designer Verena Dietzel, who created the fashion label “V-Couture” that specialises in corsetery, was contaced by Madonna’s stylist. They expressed interest in the corsets for the “Living for Love” video and also hinted at the Grammy Awards red carpet.


Verena initially thought she received a spam email and replied…
I’m sorry if this comes across as unprofessional, but I was wondering if this is authentic and whether we are talking about THE Madonna?

According to Radio Bremen everything had to go very fast. Within 48 hours she sewed a completely new corset and repaired two others. The only measurements she received was Madonna’s bra-size. She Googled the rest and looked at pictures to get a feel of Madonna’s proportions.


Dietel also added…
The e-mail mentioned something about the Grammys and the red carpet. That would be ten times more amazing, but I don’t want to think about it.

Four different corsets were sent to Madonna... Check out!