Arianne Phillips: "I work on visuals and performance around Madonna’s new album"

14 Janvier 2015, 17:06pm

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In an interview for Yahoo Style, Arianne Phillips talks about her upcoming collaboration with Madonna for Rebel Heart Era.

Arianne Philips gets the best of both fashion worlds. She works as a stylist to the stars like her longtime friend Madonna, whom Phillips also designs wacky wardrobes for her onstage performances—like a sexy Joan of Arc costume with a tight bodice and very high slits (Phillips has a fascination with historical women with “wild” lives). As an Oscar nominee, Phillips has also designed for blockbuster films like Walk the Line and A Single Man, directed by Tom Ford.


What about your next project?

AP: I’m working on quite a lot. I’m working on an exciting, forthcoming, yet-to-be-announced project with Prada. That will take place in London during fashion week in February. Until then, I’m getting ready to go to Milan to do fittings, for Ungaro, whom I will be styling the show, as well as all that goes along with visuals and performance around Madonna’s new album. I’ll also be squeezing in some editorial, too! After almost a year of working on Kingsman, it’s nice to be able to take some time out and focus on the fashion side of my career.