New details on Madonna's Rebel Heart of Upcoming Album

4 Octobre 2014, 09:19am

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From our friends,

We are happy to give you some exciting details on Rebel Heart, a song that Madonna love so much and will be definitively included in her forthcoming album. After all, she has been using the #rebelheart hashtag so much.

Rebel Heart is a very sincere and self-critical song, and every fan can relate to its great lyrics. If in Veni Vidi Vici Madonna talks about her career, in Rebel Heart she talks about her life… in a comprehensive way. Rebel Heart is absolutely one of the best tracks from her upcoming album, with its chorus as catchy as the chorus of La Isla Bonita. Even though it is not our favourite new track, Rebel Heart definitely has to be a single.

In Rebel Heart Madonna sings what it feels like to be not like the others – “thought I belonged to a different tribe [...] tried to fit in, but it wasn’t me” she sings – and take “the road less traveled by.” But she proudly sings that “through the darkness somehow I survived.” The song starts with Madonna confessing that she lived her life like a masochist, with her father saying “Told you so, told you so. Why can’t you be like the other girls?”

I’ve spent some time as a narcissist / Hearing the others say “Look at you, look at you!” / Trying to be so provocative / I said “Oh yeah, that was me!” / All of the things I did, just to be seen.

Rebel Heart is one of the songs that have changed the most. It started as a country folk track, then it was dance with a more evident Avicii‘s touch, and then it became a more mid-tempo pop song with a fresh and happy sound. Like most of the songs that Madonna co-wrote with Avicii, it is like Avicii adapted to Madonna, not the other way around. Expect a lot of acoust guitars, but not as prominent as in the other tracks recorded with Avicii.

Madonna‘s new album will be released in 2015, with Madonna wanting no rush and a deadline, so that she can have all the creative freedom to bring us something special.