Madonna Number 1 of 25 Inspiring Women Who Changed the Face of Feminism

11 Octobre 2014, 09:37am

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According to Harper’s Bazaar, Madonna is one of the 25 Inspiring Women Who Changed The Face Of Feminism. 

Harper's Bazaar said...

"The Queen of Pop has built her entire career on pushing the limits of women and sexuality through her songs and music videos. She’s also proven that women can wear many hats at once – whether it’s acting, singing, directing, managing a non-profit organization and being a mother all at the same time."

10 womans of the TOP25 List...

#1 - Madonna
#2 - Ellen Page 
#3 - Ashley Judd
#4 - Angelina Jolie 
#5 - Sheryl Sandberg 
#6 - Lena Dunham
#7 - Olivia Wilde 
#8 - Malala
#9 - Beyoncé 
#10 - Emma Watson