Madonna’s first single will come out early 2015 and will have a Reggae/Dancehall Vibe

3 Décembre 2014, 15:59pm

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Update #3 -

During an interview on the Australian tv show “The Riff” on Channel V, to promote the Stereosonic Music Festival, Diplo talked Madonna and he said that the first single will come out early next year. He added that the track, produced by him, is the notorious song with a reggae/dancehall vibe.


 “Madonna’s first single will come out early 2015 and will have a reggae vibe.”


Update #2 - 

Diplo will play at the Stereosonic Music Festival in Australia next December and, interviewed by Australian Nova 100 Radio in Melbourne to promote it, he talked about his work with Madonna.

Diplo said...
We have finished the work together. The first single has been chosen and it is one of my songs. 5 songs of mine should be on the final tracklist and are in the mixing stage at the moment. 

He added that “the sessions were fun and most of my tracks have a reggae vibe“.


Diplo reveals that the first single from Madonna’s upcoming album is one of the tracks they wrote together. This is what he just told in an interview he gave to BBC Radio 1.

Diplo on Madonna Collaboration...

"I never expected to accomplish a lot with her. I just felt like we were gonna meet, try some things out. I heard she’s very difficult to work with from a lot of different producers.

We had a really good chemistry in the studio. She was interested in what I was doing. We have a couple of records that were very much… one actually could have been a Jack U record. The beat started like that.. really crazy. We did a bunch of stuff.

I think that she’s gonna take about five or six of the songs we did. We wrapped up the first single last week in New York, so I’m just fine-tuning that mix. She’s a legend. We had one song that’s kind of a retrospective record, with lyrics from her career and news reports from her from the last 30 years. I’m excited about that project! It’s cool to have someone like her to have some faith in us."

Most interesting, Diplo says that the first single was finished in New York last week, but it needs to be fine tuned and mixed. He says that he has never expected to work with Madonna because she is a "legend". Anyway, he says that they had an incredible chemistry in the recording studio.

Diplo says that Madonna is going to take 5 or 6 songs they wrote together, labelling them as "really crazy". The hot DJ talks about a restrospective song about Madonna‘s career, which features samples of old Madonna‘s songs and news reports about her from the last 30 years. Diplo also talks about a song with a Skrillex & Diplo’s Jack U vibe.

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