"Addicted/The One That Got Away" from Madonna's Upcoming Album

3 Septembre 2014, 22:46pm

Publié par MadonnaArtVision

Just receveid a new track of Madonna's Upcoming Album: "Addicted/The One That Got Away"! It's realised with Avicii...

DrownedMadonna.com gives more details...

It’s time to disclose a dance track… It’s called Addicted and it’s pretty good! It’s nothing like I’m Addicted from MDNA. Originally "Addicted" was called "The One That Got Away", but Madonna changed it because it had the same name of a Katy Perry’s single.


"See I don’t know what it is - But I’m attracted to the dark -  And it was easy to predict - You were gonna be the one who broke my heart" - "Your truth is a lie - Bitter fruit - Bittersweet -  but, oh so divine"

"Addicted" is a very dark and mysterious song, and it does sound like classic Madonna. Madonna’s Addicted has a lots of synths and a clean guitar. And we can say that the bass is really dirty!

We remind you that there is not a setlist yet. We’ll see if Madonna will include Addicted in her upcoming album.