Vincent Paterson: "I wish Madonna would be a little mature in the work that she does"

1 Mai 2014, 19:34pm

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The choreographer Vincent Paterson who worked with the Queen of pop on the Blond Ambition Worls Tour, was an interview for the Windy City Times. 

Some of the world's most famous moves—from Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video to Madonna's grabbing her crotch in "Express Yourself"—will be burned into the memory of many viewers over the years. For millions of fans, the Blonde Ambition tour was his creation from top to the bedroom, where Madonna grinded on a platform bed.

He talks about Madonna....

Windy City Times: What do you think of Madonna and her tours now?

Vincent Paterson: Look: Madonna is an amazing artist. She’s incredible. Personally, I thought she was a vanguard for women, opening up doors for them all the time, when she got into her fifties I thought she would understand that women are valuable as mature women. Sometimes she plays to a younger audience only. That is a selfish desire. I wish she would be a little mature in the work that she does. I love the fact that she directed the film and she did a gorgeous job directing it a couple of years ago. The tours are spectacular and she has always been at the forefront of that.

I prefer the work from before, personally.