ABCDCS' foreword written by Madonna

28 Mai 2014, 11:21am

Publié par MadonnaArtVision


Madonna has written a tribute to her friend David Collins who passed away from skin cancer last year. The somber remembrance is a testament to Madonna’s writing abilities and will leave you feeling sad for a woman who lost a dear friend, something that all of us has, or will face at some point in life. The piece is to be the introduction to a new book about David Collins’ design work which will be published next month. You can pre-order your copy here.

"Yes, David helped me decorate my homes in New York and London. Yes, he built beautiful handcrafted furniture for me. Yes, he found gorgeous linens and silks in Greece, Italy and Thailand and brought them back to transform into curtains or reupholster an odd set of chairs. Yes, he took me to antique shops in Paris and turned me on to the most exquisite Fornasetti lamps.

And then there was his infectious appreciation for the subtle beauty of every gradation of blue. When I think of David, I think of blue. Then again, when I think of David, I feel blue – because I miss him! I’m always in desperate need of his advice, input and direction.


When I look around my houses in New York or London, I am struck by what an influence he has had on me. He has left his souvenirs everywhere: his touch, his taste, his flair and his blue.

He has influenced the way my homes look, of course, but he’s had a much bigger impact on my life."

Read the full tribute here!