Madonna Special #ArtForFreedom Curation on BuzzFeed: Overview

15 Avril 2014, 12:35pm

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Yesterday, Madonna conducted a special #ArtForFreedom live curation on BuzzFeed where she commented on the submissions. Check out!






Madonna... I support a woman's freedom to choose wheter she covers her head or not. However covering ones hair for prayer is open to interpretation and different belief systems. Veil no veil, my vote is for freedom of expression no matter what. 

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Madonna... i love the idea of family, but i’m worried about everyone’s health.

To Matt Stopera... Juggalos are one of the last remaining great American subcultures. They live by their own rules, speak their own “language,” and have their own customs. They also don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about them. More…


Madonna... i dont understand – a fundamentalist is an extremist who doesn’t see anyone else’s point of view. is that what you are saying? does reading create an open mind? im confused, i need an explanation.


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Madonna... excellent art direction. A for effort. I often feel the same way that I can only express myself thru dance. You go girl.

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Madonna... i agree with the words but to be a real freedom fighter its about action, not just words. ultimately thats what makes a freedom fighter. Someone who doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk. Its not what you say but what you do.


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Madonna... you’re lucky to live in a place where you have the freedom to express yourself. Don’t take it for granted.


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Madonna... in some societies it is a crime to be a woman…women are still treated like second class citizens in many parts of the world. Hopefully that will end one day soon. I love this art, its really good.

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Madonna... yes i agree. If we don’t learn from history we are going to repeat it. this is obviously a poem written by someone who believes in reincarnation. The transmigration of the soul. Meet you in the studio we can write a song together.

To Victoriala...

What You Are Here For

Have you learned what you are here to learn?
Or will you be coming back
To make the same mistakes

You are here to love not hate
I must be an old soul
Cause when I look into the windows of yours or I hear you condemn
I know
You’ll be coming back again
Until you get it right
You know we’re not here to fight
But it feels like déjà vu
Because it’s true
That you’ve been here before
And someone’s keeping score
You were brought here with knowledge
As a tiny infant
Of what you are here to do
You had a heart so full of compassion
And a love so deep and true
But you’ve forgotten on your journey
What you came here to do
You’ve lost all of your innocence
From all the influences placed on you
Just look at the world around you
It’s filled with misery, pain, and suffering
And history repeats itself
Because of fear and need
Planting in our hearts and minds
Burying that love you started out with,
Now you’re filled with hate and greed
Have you learned what you are here for?
Or are you coming back to make the same mistakes again?
We are here to love not hate!
And on your judgment day
When you finally realize
What you didn’t learn before
You will feel awakened
Be bathed in light
Receive the gift
Of insight
Your heart will fill
With the answer
You’ll realize
You were put here for a purpose
Something you had to get right
You are here to find out for yourself
Love is all there is
We are not here to hate
To fight
To hurt
Or criticize
To slight
To kill
To segregate
To have ill will
Toward our family here on earth
The love, compassion empathy and understanding is what we are here to learn
And to teach it to everyone you pass
So when it’s their turn
They can get it right the first time out
They won’t be coming back again
Have you learned what you are here for?
Is that comprehension on your face?
Have you remembered what you came here for
In this vast enormous place
Will you pass on all your knowledge
And plant all of your seeds
So it doesn’t take so many lifetimes
To stop the hating and the greed!
Or will you just be content
After you’ve accomplished and fulfilled
The lesson you came here to learn
Will you just sit back and
Watch it all unfold
Never to be retold
Cause now it’s someone else’s turn
To keep repeating the same mistakes as you
But you see
This world will never learn
Until each and every one of us know
What you are here for


Madonna... unfortunately, religion is responsible for too much separation, violence, pain and suffering. If people really study the Holy Books of whatever path they’re on, they will see that there’s a thread that unites all of them and that is Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. World Peace is possible. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with consciousness.

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Madonna... no one should die of hunger its a ridiculous concept in this day and age. unfortunately people still are. please explain to me how I can get my kids to live on 7 bucks a month.

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‘7 Bucks’ - oil on canvas, 100x70cm - 40x28” This is my entry for Madonna’s project ’ Art for freedom ’ Each tile represents one life, and the painting shows the number of lives that are lost each hour because of the hunger. Red tiles show children under 5 that die each hour. They have all lost their FREEDOM TO LIFE. And hopefully we can change it. I hope that visualization can help people to figure out how large this number really is. 900 people die each hour and 350 of them are children under 5… Each 4 seconds one person dies of hunger. And we can save them. Title of the painting is ‘7 bucks’, because that is amount that is enough to feed one starving child… for a month! ( ). The style of this painting is mosaicism, new style that I am developing. My initial thought was to show the number of people that die each day because of hunger, but the amount is overwhelming, 21.000 people ( 25.000 according to the other sources ). I just hadn’t had enough time to make it for this deadline… Colors that I have used are basic, because I didn’t want anything to distract the viewer. The red is chosen since it is the most dramatic, and the disposition symbolizes traffic red light, it means: ’ Stop ‘. And we can stop this horror. Hopefully… Black was chosen to symbolize either deep black earth, or the heavens, whatever the viewer believes in… The name of the painting has one personal meaning too, since in January this year our dog, American bulldog named Buck died. He was 7… One of the tiles has FMSC written in it. That is the organization that I like the most, that helps fight hunger worldwide. My name is Vlada Peterka, I am 37 and I live with my family in Novi Sad, Serbia.


Madonna... don’t quit your day job. however its a very good point. people don’t know how to listen its a lost artform. mostly because everyone is on their phone.

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Madonna... this one is my favorite. we waste far too much time trying to conform to what society expects us to look like. In fact the body is temporary and its kind of amazing how much time we waste on something that is impermanent.

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