Tracy Young talks about the Queen of Pop: "Madonna will always be my No. 1"

27 Mars 2014, 16:59pm

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Tracy Young has been interviewed by G. Philly and she talks about the Queen of Pop. 

G. Philly: Who’s been your favorite artist to remix?
"Tracy Young: Obviously Madonna. I owe a lot to her for supporting my career for so long, and playing such an important part of my life and career. I just remixed Cher’s “I Walk Alone.” Pink wrote that song. I also remixed Kylie Minogue “Into the Blue.” Madonna will always be my No. 1, but working with Cher and Kyle was a highlight."

GP: What do you think of Madonna’s new Game of Thrones look?
"Tracy Young: I wish people would leave her alone. She’s Madonna. I get upset when people beat up on people in general, especially when it’s somebody who’s done so much. I don’t care what she wears. She can wear what the hell she wants. Leave her alone. Let her entertain us. That’s all she wants to do."