Madonna's Dolls of "Dreaming of Dolls Book" by Magia 2000

26 Avril 2014, 17:42pm

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To celebrate the 15th Magia2000 Anniversary and the presence, as special guest in the "Retro Chic" Exhibition at the Musee De La Poupee in Paris, Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi are happy and proud to release of our first monographic book , entitled "Dreaming of Dolls".

This book is a journey through our history, our passion for dolls and especially for Barbie and the special projects we realized for Mattel. OOAK dolls, special projects for Mattel, Celebrity dolls and of course Madonna dolls are some of the chapters, but it's also a catalogue to show our 12 dolls at the Musee De La Poupee, with close up pictures, sketches and inspirations. Over 180 pictures with close up and skecthes.



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Format: 20,5 x 30 cm, 88 glossy pages.
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Language: English

Only First edition: 500 copies will be hand signed and numbered!